The (surprisingly) perfect date night movie…

I’m fairly lucky in my job, that I get to go to some pretty fab things. So when an invite to the premiere of a fairly big blockbuster movie popped into my inbox I thought ‘heck yeah, I’ll invite (insert man-of-the-moments name here) and we’ll check it out.

Now full disclaimer, “Thor: Ragnarok” is not a movie I would typically watch. I hate action.. hate. I also am not a big fan of comic book series. Like, at all. However, I knew the date would love it, and who am I to decline an event featuring Chris Hemsworth.

So of course we went. Now the premiere was ok, we got to see Chris, and my date was looking hot, but too my shock and horror there was no champagne, or in fact, any alcohol on offer.

A date without a small chance of intoxication?! Not ok.

Also, when entering the movie they took our phones and put them in a zip lock bag that can’t be undone until the end of the movie.

A date without the distraction of a phone?! Do they just want me to leap right out of my comfort zone?!

Anyway, as it goes, a date without alcohol and a phone is in fact a thinly disguised blessing. We actually had to talk to each other. Sober. Without a phone to lean back on.

Luckily I like the bloke so it was ok.

Anyway, I kid you not the movie was hilarious! Yes it’s action. Yes it’s based on a comic, but seriously it was so good. Turns out Thor has a bit of sass.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the first movie (to be honest, I didn’t even know there was one). The actors were cast perfectly, the fight scenes were comical and we were quoting the movie for the next week.

There is one character with a strong kiwi accent that steals the entire movie so make sure you watch out for him.

So if you HAVE to go see a blokey movie with your man, may I suggest Thor. Seriously you will love it!

Thor: Ragnarok comes out in cinemas today.

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