I changed my facebook photo to this. Here’s what happened next…

Boobs, hooters, knockers, jugs and fun bags. Whatever you want to call them, there’s one thing we all know for sure. Men love looking at them.

Yes, this is not breaking news, but who knew just how much power they had over fellas until I changed one small thing on my facebook page.

After a heavenly day at the beach I was going through my happy snaps and decided to share one on my facebook page. The sun was shining, I’m smiling and the tan was on point. I’m not going to lie, the ladies were out, but they were up, perky and fairly covered by my bikini. So up it goes onto my facebook page. In fact, why not make it my profile pic!

Following this small change my number of friend requests went from just under a 1000 to the maximum amount of 5000 within the space of a month. I kid you not.

Now while a girl can be flattered (and trust me I was!) it got me thinking… are boobs that much of a big whoop?

I’ve never been fussed about who follows me on facebook so I usually always accept most requests. Unless you look super creepy you’re in.

That’s when my inbox took a beating. Boobs don’t bring out the best in men. Let me tell you. I was sent creepy inboxes, links to porn sites and even this charming message…

Following this craziness I decided to test it out on my insta. Do pics with an extra dose of cleavage get more likes? Drum roll please… the results are in and it’s an unsurprising YES! While I should be slightly offended that a pic of my delicious bloody mary only got a measly 24 likes

Boobs did outstandingly well. Let’s compare…

Boobs = 448 likes


Champagne = 74 likes


Boobs = 244 likes


My ridiculously cute dog = 79 likes


Boobs = 490 likes

My hangover life saver = 25 likes

Now you get the gist of it.


The good news for men is that staring at boobs can have a positive affect on their life expectancy. Yep.

It may seem like an inconvenience, or an invasion of privacy, to many women but staring at boobs creates a positive mindset in men.

A 2012 study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, looked at the effects positive thinking had on men’s health.

After a year, positive thinking had a powerful effect on health choices.

More than 50% of the patients with heart disease increased their physical activity.The same happened in men with high blood pressure.

So ladies, we’re actually doing them a favor. You’re welcome.




  1. I’m pretty sure I liked the shot of the bloody marys.
    Great story Jana! I still think you’re funnier in real life.
    4 boobs out of 5.

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