Artist you need to know about: Chris Prestidge

I first stumbled upon Chris’ photography in… i have to admit… the most tragically millenial way… whilst scrolling instagram one Sunday morning.

What captured my attention the most was his beautiful aerial shots over Bondi Beach. It reminded me that Bondi has a story best told from above.

You see things from a perspective that removes us from our narcissistic tendencies (go on, admit it) and reminds us that there is far more going on outside our own personal bubble.

The exhibition, titled ‘Colours from above’ showcases the rich blues and deep ocean hues that make up the wide span of water that surrounds our busy beach suburb.

Whilst the instagram pictures are great, you really need to see the large prints. They turn dots into people and show you the true vastness of Bondi and surrounds. Up close these prints really come to life.


Chris Pretidge’s exhibition ‘Aerial Seascapes’ is now open for viewings at The Corner House, Bondi

Instagram: @atdusk

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