Meet Jana

Following a year-long hiatus,High Heels and Hangovers has been revamped and is BACK!

HH&H began from a love of fashion, wine and dining, attempting a healthy lifestyle (and often falling off the horse), travel, and venting about recent dating disasters (there has been a few!).

It is an outlet for all my passions and has developed into a pretty site that reflects the constant emails running back and forth between my best friends and I on a daily basis.

I guess you could describe it as a mixed bag of my personal musings and experiences, tied in a big, flamboyant bow and passed on to you my dear readers.. with a few handsome bachelors to give it a little more ooomph!!

To give you a little bit of background about myself here you go..

I am originally a country girl (hey living in the country till I was 4 years old counts!) until my parents decided to move to the Hawkesbury because they thought it counted as Sydney. It doesn’t. I grew up amongst hobbie farms, pony club (sadly I was not allowed to partake in this, mostly because I didn’t have a pony. Yes I am still bitter.) before moving to Bathurst to attend Uni where I jumped from a teaching degree to a Journo degree. As you can tell by my shocking punctuation I still have a lot to learn.

Since then I have worked in TV for the last 6 years, four of which were spent at Channel 9’s travel show “Getaway” (I’m not going to lie, it was the best job EVER!)  a brief stint at “The Footy Show” (although I had never watched a game in my life). I was constantly saying things like “How do you spell FuiFui MoiMoi”?? (I’m pleased to say I now know) and then I jumped over to reality TV.

I cast and produced for series one of “The Bachelor” and then it was on to “So You Think You Can Dance” where I perfected my twerking skills.

Now, because you know, yolo and all that Jazz, I’ve switched to breakfast radio, working for Triple M Sydney’s Grill Team.!

I adore big nights out, some would say a little too much. Cocktails are always my downfall and I love, love, love a good excuse to dress up.

Heels are my friend not foe. I am a little obsessed with the TV show “New Girl”, I cry like a loon every time I watch “The Voice”, and I can proudly quote every line from “The Notebook” (I’m not ashamed!).

I have a weakness for bad boys. If you are “between jobs”, may or may not have a drivers license and quite like the look of your own reflection in the mirror then you are for me. (Hey, it’s something I’m working on!)

Feel free to peruse through my site. You will find a little bit of everything. Where to play on a weekend (or mid week, I never judge!), what’s happening about town, what looks I’m loving, what kind of state my life (love, or otherwise) is currently in or a number of topics.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment. I LOVE a good convo!

Jana xoxo