All I want for 2018 is… an orgasm!

In 2006 I was working as an intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine Australia, and being the broke Uni student that I was, I found the most exciting thing about this job was the ‘freebies desk’ where exciting-but-unwanted packages were dropped by the residing beauty, fashion and editorial teams.

The office was constantly sent books, makeup, perfume, gym gear and various other items by PR companies who were hoping for a free review or mention in the magazine.

Anything the paid-staff didn’t want went on the ‘freebies desk’ for us lowly interns to pick at like annoying seagulls. I had no shame, and all my family and friends definitely got their birthday presents from that table. No shame.

Anyway, one day I struck gold when a umm… I guess you could say… ‘memoir’ by the former Editor of the American version of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kate White’s book landed on the desk.

Titled ‘How to set his thighs on fire’ it was the first thing to capture my attention.

Now, to be fair, the book was full of chapters on her rise to the top, and fabulous tips for us career-driven Editors-in-waiting.

However, being new to the single scene once more (I had just broken up with my high-school sweetheart, yep, first week of uni. Coincidence, I think not!) I had only ever slept with one bloke and upon reflection… it was fairly ‘meh.’

So keen was I too learn the tricks of the trade, I read this book like I had only moments to live.

Needless to say, a month later I had a new boyfriend and the renewed love of a passionate sex-life.

I put much of that down to Kate White’s book and so as a good friend, I would love to share a summary of one of the chapters with you.

Be warned, once these tricks are learnt there’s no going back…

5 Quick Tricks that will give you an orgasm!

According to Kate White’s ‘How to set his thigh’s on fire’

Use Lube
According to sex therapist Dr Laura Berman, lubricant is a secret orgasm weapon. It creates a slickness that allows you to better concentrate on all the sensations you are feeling down there.

Take long deep breaths from your lower area.
It intensifies anything you’re feeling down there – immediately!

Breath in-sync with him
For some reason your body just totally relaxes when you do that and you can really feel things down there.

Turn your brain off
A dutch study scanned the brains of women during orgasm and found that the parts of the brain responsible for such emotions such as anxiety and fear went blank for up to two minutes. Therefore women need to be relaxed in order to climax.

Lean your head over the side of the bed
Researchers have found that tightening and releasing large muscle groups triggers orgasm, and stretching the neck muscle is particularly good!

Here’s another two from personal experience…

A little dirty talk never hurt anyone
Getting a little vocal in the bedroom let’s your partner know what you like, and helps your imagination run wild. I’m sure there is some study out there somewhere that says the pleasure of getting frisky is 50% mind imagery.

Eye contact
The last guy I was dating was BIG on eye contact. You would think it is a little uncomfortable, but in the heat of the moment it’s pretty umm… hot!

Now go forth and enjoy a big O

Jana x

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