What it’s really like interviewing celebrities… trust me it’s not what you would think!

Since working for Triple M’s Grill Team I’ve been lucky enough to produce some fairly big interviews and even conducted some myself.

I don’t mean to drop names (disclaimer: yes I do, I’m shameless) but over the past two years I’ve got to hand the microphone to Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Effron, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Jack Black and Russell Crowe. Just to name a few.

While this may sound glamorous, it can actually be tedious.

Picture standing in heels for two hours on a red carpet waiting for your 5 minute interview with an A-lister. You’re promised they won’t be long but usually they’ll go and greet the crowd of fans waiting for them first. Oh and take a selfie. With ALL of them (I’m looking at you Tom Cruise).

Sure, it makes them great people, but  it’s no fun for the media who have often been waiting in the hot sun or under bright lights for far too long.

Another thing that can be bothersome is when you attend the red carpet, line up, give your credentials, mark off your name from a list of selected media and take your position on the carpet, only to be told the celebrity will try and chat to everyone but you’re not 100% guaranteed an interview..

The joy of waiting 1-2 hours only for the celebrity to walk straight past you can’t be put into words, but it can be guzzled from a wine glass. Cough.. Mel Gibson.. cough cough.

However every now and then you will strike gold and be offered a sit down one-on-one interview with a celeb and that’s when you get your time to shine!

Although a sit-down interview usually comes with a long list of instructions such as:

  1. All questions have to be approved by a Publicist first
  2. No stunts allowed
  3. You MUST watch the movie before the interview
  4. No questions to be asked that aren’t about the movie
  5. You’re allowed 7 minutes but if they are running late you will get 3 questions max!
  6. A quick photo is only allowed if they are running on time.

Now in this case, you really don’t want to be scheduled for a chat right before their lunch break (they will hurry you up). Or after the previous interviewer has been far too cheeky with their questions and put the celeb in a bad mood (Liam Hemsworth).

One little trick I like to do is tell the Celeb upon sitting down ‘This is my first interview and I’m really nervous.’ More often then not they will turn it on for you and give you a little extra. I’m looking at you Zac Effron and Adam Devine.

Now honestly, it’s not all doom and gloom. The job comes with some pretty good perks as well.

Like when I got flown to LA for three days with a hot former NRL player to interview Ryan Reynolds. We were flown business class, picked up from the airport in a limo, put up in the Pierre Beverly Hills (yes the one Weinstein often stayed in… awkies) and given two days of play before getting to ask Ryan Reynolds ONE question at a press conference on the third day. You think I’m joking? I’m not!

Another highlight was going backstage with a current NRL Captain and one of our hosts to interview Noel Gallagher before his concert.

He swore like a trooper, wore a massive ruby ring that I couldn’t take my eyes off and gave us the most fascinating interview I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening too.

It’s a great gig if you can get it, but make sure you wear those heels in and come with a fully charged phone before treading that red carpet.



Note to self: don’t cut your own fringe ahead of an interview with the hottest man on earth.

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