How did you get that job: Erin Molan


You may have seen this gorgeous blonde gracing your TV screen on a regular basis, and not only is she a glamour, she also knows a thing or two about sports! (Yes, she is every guys fantasy girl!)

Apart from interviewing hot sports stars with bulging muscles and tanned skin (swoon!), she also gets a front row seat to all the best sports events around town!

I was lucky enough to chat to the lovely Erin Molan about how she scored such a dream job and what it takes to make it to the top!

What made you choose Sports Journalism as a career?

I always wanted to work in News – when I was younger I used to force my siblings to play NEWS – we’d all dress up in mum and Dad’s clothes and pretend to be Newsreaders – my little brother always had to do weather and hated it – I was the main News Anchor (of course) but always loved sport from a young age.  I did Gymnastics for a long time – then Netball and Volleyball as I got older.  I certainly didn’t grow up surrounded by hardcore rugby league fans.  Mum and Dad played Squash very seriously – Dad was also a very good AFL player – my love of league came much later!

What is a typical day like for you?

It is so hard to write because it is different every day.  During league season I might get into work at 7am – I’ll either head out to a team’s training session or head down to make-up and hair to present sport on our Morning News – I might then head out to an interview in the afternoon, will write scripts, maybe present the 1630 Sports News and do a story or a live cross for our 6pm News…

What has been your career highlight so far?

SO hard to pick this one – getting the job at Channel 9 was huge – a dream come true – I’d been trying to get into a National Network for years – I have about 60 rejection letter at home – it was getting close to crunch time for me – there’s only so long you can try and stay positive and feel like you are capable of being good enough to make it before you need to make tough decision… My first live cross for the Sunday Footy show was a massive moment – it was my first live cross and I was crossing to Peter Sterling, Brad Fittler and Andrew Johns – very daunting – Boss Sean Burke took a massive gamble – very grateful to him and Ken Sutcliffe who suggested me – and Darren Wick who, along with Kenny – finally hired me after years of having to watch annoying (and pretty horrific) showreels!

What was the best advice you have ever been given?

Ahhhhh EVERY single thing both of my parents have ever told me… honestly – they are amazing!  I am so blessed and lucky to have them and without their support things would have turned out very differently…

Ken Sutcliffe is a great one for advice – both in life and work – there are things he’s said to me – that I think about daily in what is sometimes a very tough and unforgiving (but extremely rewarding) environment – very grateful to also have him as a mentor.

The best specific bit of advice I’ve received – and it’s nothing new – is to be persistent – and to be able to accept criticism – and seek advice on how to improve always!

What is a saying you live by?

Work hard and be nice to people

Who is your role model?

My family are my role models – my parents and siblings – who are all incredibly successful in their chosen fields – but much more important than that – they are all genuinely good, decent people…

What is the best part of your job?

I love the fast paced environment of television news – it’s so thrilling and exciting and rewarding when you know that what you’re doing is making a difference in people’s lives.  I love the variety in my job – I love reporting and presenting Sports News – I love doing the Footy Shows, I love doing the Today Show – I love that being on television gives me a bit of a profile so I can raise the profile of Charities that mean a lot to me – I’m an ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia and Save Our Sons.

What is the worst part of your job?

Sometimes the hours, sometimes the pressure (mainly put on by myself) and sometimes the stories you have to do that are hard and challenging and may hurt people – but that need to be told… Also the constant hours in hair and make up – the glamour wears off – it can be boring!!! 

What do you do in your downtime to relax?

I’m trying to get better at this – I struggle to switch off from work.  I love to read – I love to go out with girlfriends – I love to explore places – I’ll often jump in the car myself and drive to random places – being my the water makes me happy – I also LOVE going on little mini-breaks by myself – drinking good wine – laughing!

What is your best advice for someone looking to get into this industry?

Resilience and persistence  – you need to be tough – it can be a very hard environment – but an equally rewarding one if you can handle it!

Don’t take things personally – even if it’s VERY personal haha – I’m still trying to figure it all out – I still struggle but I’m getting a lot better!  I’m very lucky to work in this industry and for Channel 9 – I work with a lot of passionate and incredibly talented people – I learn off them every day.

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  1. Hi there!

    Great article! Just wanted to ask, how did Erin actually get the job? What did she study and did she just constantly contact people at the network with her showreels? I’m looking to get into a similar type of thing and would just like to know exactly how she went about it! Thanks!
    Olivia x

  2. Geoff Anson-Smith says:

    I’m have been impressed with Erin ever since she has a on Channel 9 and especially The Footy Show I am a big huge fan of her’s , I just wonder how does she keep Paul FATTY Vautin in line when they are on the show together and I think its great to have a female panellist on the show especially when Erin knows a lot about sports and good luck to her

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