The easiest way to get your bloke to open up

Just the other night I was feeling a little lost and a bit humpffff.. you know?

So I did what any sane, educated, young woman would do. I grabbed the bestie,  a bottle of wine and her rune stones and got her to do a reading after using sage to cleanse our apartment.

Yes, it’s quirky, but I tell you what, after a good reading, cleansing, drinking and nattering I felt a heck load better.

According to my fitbit, I followed it up with a record-breaking sleep. Anyone else obsessed with their fitbits?? No? Just me?

Anyway, the point to my story is… we women are much better at sorting our mental funks out. We chat about it, share our experiences and hash it out.

Men on the other hand, are shocking at it! So it got me thinking… what have I done in the past when I’ve wanted to bloke to open up to me??

Easy… I take them for a drive!

Ok, not only does it give you some rare time to be just one-on-one with them, it is also scientifically proven that when men don’t have to look directly at you, they feel more comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions.

According to the ‘Drive Against Depression’ website, “Sitting beside someone while going for a drive provides an ideal forum for unguarded conversations and a chance to reconnect with a passion.”

From my own personal experience, I once took a drive with a former partner to Ikea all the way from Bondi to Tempe. To be fair, it should only be around 30 – 40 minutes, but I’m hopeless with directions, and FP (former partner) thought it would be fun to turn of the navigator and turn it into an adventure to get home. Thanks to my horrific navigation skills we ended up seeing the charming sights of Maroubra and the airport during the trip. Anyway, the point is we laughed a bunch, had great chats about things we would never have the time or energy to chat about and reconnected.

So wanna get your man to chat? Fill up on petrol and go for a broom broom.

Side note: cars are also a great place for a spontaneous romp… so as the girl in the El Paso taco ad says…. “Why not have both!”

Jana x


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