Cocktail of the Week: Tequila Blu Ginger and Lime Fizz

As you may have noticed in one of this week’s posts, I was recently sent a pretty bottle of Tequila Blu. At first I was like “Meh, what am I going to do with this?!” as I usually like to save my Tequila drinks for nights out that don’t contain a whole lotta memory.

However the bottle was really pretty, and it came in a wooden box, so despite past blurry tequila experiences, I decided to give this one a fair go. So to the google-machine I went and stumbled upon this tasty recipe.

All I can say is that I am now a convert! Who knew Tequila went with Ginger and Lime so well.

So I recommend you forgo the nasty, cheap tequila shots you usually settle for, and buy a decent bottle of this tasty drop and include it in a Cocktail. This one you will enjoy. Trust me!

photo (26)

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