5 Minutes With Tammin Sursok

Pretty Little Liars actress Tammin Sursok was in Sydney recently to plug the ABC Reading Eggs Junior campaign and I got to sit down with her for a quick 5 minute chat about all things high-heels-and-hangovers-ish…


They say you can take the girl out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of the girl! You’re living in LA now, but what do you miss most about Aus?


Definitely the way of life and the easy-going nature of everyone. I miss that certain sense of peace that you don’t always get in the States. I also love just being on the beach here with my daughter Phoenix and splashing in the water. There are beaches in LA, but I find that the water is too cold to swim in!



Where in Sydney is your favourite place to have a cocktail or two?


Everything has changed so much, but I always love the Park Hyatt lovely hotel bar. For my birthday we went to Apollo which was amazing. I’m such a foodie.


What’s your best piece of advice for anyone braving the move to Hollywood to try their luck?


Create it for yourself. We put so much in the hands of strangers and other people to make our paths successful it’s really up to us. If you want to be an actor, start making shows and putting them on YouTube, and writing screenplays or getting into an improv class. When you start doing things people will start taking notice.


What is your never-fail date night outfit?


Some kind of short, colourful dress with high heels. I love bright colours. I don’t like to wear a lot of black!

In between being a mum and filming, you’ve found time to launch a campaign for ABC Reading Eggs Junior, tell us about that …


When I first heard about ABC Reading Eggs Junior I really wanted to be involved because I think education is so important from a very young age especially when it comes to reading. I wanted to make sure that reading was also fun and exciting so Reading Eggs Junior was the perfect fit for Phoenix as it’s specifically for kids aged two to four. She just loves the animations, games and electronic books. She’s learning so much about letters, sounds and phonics and it’s really helped spark her interest even more in books. Her favourites are The Giving Tree, The Cat and the Caterpillar and The Airport Book. I don’t allow screen time during the week so she uses the app on the weekend.

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