I changed my facebook photo to this. Here’s what happened next…

Boobs, hooters, knockers, jugs and fun bags. Whatever you want to call them, there's one thing we all know for sure. Men love looking at them. Yes, this is not breaking news, but who knew just how much power they had over fellas until I changed one small thing on my facebook page. After a heavenly day at the beach I was going through my happy … [Read more...]

Your wine preference is written in the stars!

What your star sign says about your wine preferences Your favourite wine is written in the stars! According to the inaugural In Vino Stats Veritas – Cellarmasters Wine Lovers Report from Cellarmasters, sales data shows there are differences between star signs and wine preferences. “By analysing our customer insights and comparing it to orders … [Read more...]

Artist you need to know about: Chris Prestidge

I first stumbled upon Chris' photography in... i have to admit... the most tragically millenial way... whilst scrolling instagram one Sunday morning. What captured my attention the most was his beautiful aerial shots over Bondi Beach. It reminded me that Bondi has a story best told from above. You see things from a perspective that removes us … [Read more...]

The (surprisingly) perfect date night movie…

I'm fairly lucky in my job, that I get to go to some pretty fab things. So when an invite to the premiere of a fairly big blockbuster movie popped into my inbox I thought 'heck yeah, I'll invite (insert man-of-the-moments name here) and we'll check it out. Now full disclaimer, "Thor: Ragnarok" is not a movie I would typically watch. I hate … [Read more...]

Nothing kills a lady-boner like the ghosts of girfriends past

A friend of mine recently went on a date with a guy who was (visually) the man of her dreams. They went to a city bar and it was fun. She did her hair, brushed her teeth, kept the makeup on point, showed a 'hint' of cleavage and shamelessly drenched herself in her favourite perfume. The mood was right. The champagne was flowing. There was … [Read more...]

High Heels and Hangovers is getting a revamp! Stay tuned…

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