Horoscopes – January 2018

By Anand Bhatt


You’re about to be a character in a real life soap opera, Aries. This month pretend you’re either on the show Survivor or in a Telenovela – this strategy will prove well for you because you can’t just trust everyone right now. Do you know someone famous or more int he public eye than you? Get in good with them this month, possibly even romantically. I am not “suggesting” that you sleep your way to the top this month, just pointing out that You Can if You Want To. Romantic partners and bosses are all drawn to you this month.


Feel free to take a vacation after all the new year celebrations, Taurus. Have fun. People will cut you all sorts of slack the first part of this month. However, you should do the same for them. The more you give in and go with the flow when it comes to others’ wants and needs this month the more you will be glad you did. You’re planting seeds right now that will reap karmic rewards. Be careful not to expect rewards though, in other words don’t be good to others knowing that you will be rewarded for doing so. Your intentions are more important than the actual actions. You have to Actually genuinely want to be good to others and go with the flow.


Gemini! You’re the sign that will benefit GREATLY from New Year’s resolutions! Want to go on a diet? Now’s the time. Want to learn something or go back to school? Now’s the time. Want to build some character? Now’s the time. Want to learn transcend suffering and be happy in any and every situation? Now’s the time to get serious about spirituality. You may also start thinking practically later this month, perhaps start your taxes early or put a will or trust together, or move some investments around. You can also start paying down some debt this month if you so desire. Are you hearing a call to adventure? A strong urge to spread your wings? Don’t ignore it, actions that you take now will yield amazing effects.


The first part of this month may not seem like life is any different from last year. Which is OK. By the 10th, however, you may be pushed into some adventure. If you’re adventurous you might enjoy this, BUT if you’ve been trying to stay in your comfort zone and avoid trouble – well, Trouble may come a-finding you! You’ll be ok though, and most likely actually come out better than before.


Get to your New Year’s resolutions, Leo. By the 10th, any bad habits you have may start taking their toll. Get it together, or begin paying the piper. Let’s say you don’t take this advice and something hits the fan, even if you have to take a vacation during the second half of the month and risk losing work or anything else worldy, consider it. By the end of the month you’ll be shining bright and all will rock. So much so, you might have to keep an eye on overconfidence next month. But for now, take care of youself and yourself will take care of you.


The start of the year is AWESOME for you Virgo! If you have a Sagittarius in your life, don’t let them annoy you. They’re trying to help even though you might not need any help whatsoever. Take care of those home improvement projects, by the 10th to mid month you’ll be set on the path to some feel-good times. The only thing that might drag you down mood-wise your inability to get along with others. Don’t worry about it though. Without getting to selfish with your demands and requests, know that the Universe is more than happy to reward you personally this month.


Find a way to strike balance between your wants and needs and the demands that others place upon you, Libra. You won’t have to worry about this the first part of the month too much, but as the month progresses the Universe will try to challenge you. Nothing you can’t handle, though. It is possible you’ll handle everything with such grace and elegance that you won’t even notice all the amazing things you’re accomplishing and balancing. By the end of the month, if you can hold on to that grace, confidence, and “wu wei” you’ll probably start being really attractive to others and drawing them to you effortlessly.


Make that money, Scorps! Go for it and go at it! The financial and abundance aspect of the Universe is yours for the taking right now. The Moon’s location and strength, while it might make some crazy, just serves to back you up and help you to feel empowered. Trust your instincts and take action when you feel it’s right, and back off when you feel you should. Yes, it is that simple for you this month. In fact, if you follow this ebb and flow of action you’ll not only learn some great insights, but will propel yourself externally as well.


There’s an old Indian saying that goes like this, “You can’t drive a nail through a concrete wall, not only will you not make a dent in the wall but you’ll probably bend the nail.” This is referring to your relationships with others right now, Sagitarrius. We may have felt that we’ve arrived at some amazing wisdom and can clearly see solutions to problems that baffle others – but for some reason they either cannot or will not understand what we’re revealing to them. Don’t worry about it. Everyone is on their own path. Driving the nail of “your advice/your revelations” into the concrete wall of someone else’s mind is not going to work. In fact, maybe we should try the opposite – let’s listen to what they have to say about worldly concrete stuff. Might be useful. This is going to be an ongoing theme Throughout the month.


It’s definitely Capricorn season with the planets. If you’re introspective enough you’ll find meaning – if not THE meaning of of it all in general. That’s right, we’re talking about the mysteries of the whole Universe/Multiverse and all of it combined might be revealed to some of you. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll get a jump in social status after the 10th. Personally, I’d think you’d rather have the mysteries of the Universe revealed to you – but hey, being popular is pretty awesome too and you can definitely enjoy it! If you straddle introversion and extroversion, than perhaps try to balance both and get some benefits in both arenas. May not be at the depth of benefit as others, but benefit nonetheless. And don’t worry about stuff, you have the freedom to be ultra positive this month. In fact, I’d have to go as far as to say that any negative thoughts you have this month are a trick of the mind and total nonsense – ride it out, and you’ll see (maybe in hindsight, but hopefully in the moment) that all is positives for you this month.


The planets are zipping through for you this month, Aquarius. Have you heard of Forest Bathing? Try it this month, especially during mid month. Or possibly on the 10th itself. Even before and after the 10th you’ll benefit greatly from just getting out into the wilderness and nature, taking a deep breath and relaxing into feeling the existence that you are. This is also the month you might want to dive deeper into Buddhism or Vedanta or Taoism or similar. Philosophical concepts that used to baffle you might make perfect sense finally. If you do all of this, by the end of the month – perhaps during the last week of the month – all sorts of amazingness will manifest in your life.


Get ready and train yourself, Pisces. You are going to need to learn to toughen up your emotional intelligence and your spirituality. Not just for this month, you need to train for battle with the Universe at large. Such battles are all fun and games for the Universe, but from the perspective of your tiny human/ego-based/individual self this may seem stressful. It’s not though, but train train train. That means start meditating regularly, reading academic and philosophical content, exercise, etc. Keep some black tourmaline maybe in your pocket, and try to slow down so you can view “events” in life from a calm and calculated perspective. Remember that scene in the Matrix where Keanu Reeves finally sees all the 1s and 0s for first time and effortlessly bends to dodge bullets. That’s the mindset you need to be in, from now own. Wisdom. You can do it. The 10th and right before the 25th will be helpful for you. No worries, you’ll rock it!


Anand Bhatt is a Brahmin educated in vedic astrology. His knowledge of the stars has allowed him to advise celebrities as well as be at the right place at the right time himself. He can be seen walking the red carpet and provides spiritual, astrological and practical advice at https://smarturl.it/empoweryou & https://smarturl.it/redcarpetblog – keep on eye out at your favorite bookstore for Anand’s Achieving Your Dreams by Controlling Your Mind and other titles!

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