Horoscopes – December 2017

By Anand Bhatt


Remember how during last month, certain seemingly random events occured. Focus on how those events can make your career this month, Aries. No need to worry about your emotional needs this month. You can safely let your emotions go on autopilot, even though Mars may want you to create some relationship drama during the first part of the month. Feel free to notice your emotions if and when they fluctuate but “how you feel” is not going to be that important right now, despite your ego’s desire to focus on such. This month is a CAREER month. Anything you do this month will either benefit you immediately or be a noticeable stepping stone for you. Even your social life will provide some career insights for you! When the holidays come around you might end up rediscovering some insight on something you haven’t thought about for a long time.



The planets are still trying to excite your sex life, an energy that started last month and now may get quite intense! If you’re doing OK relationship-wise, watch out for your temper or impulsiveness. Retrograde Mercury is always a time when one usually has to back off on signing contracts etc. – you definitely need to pay attention to the details this month, but you also may have career opportunities manifest out of nowhere. Don’t get scared if something like a tax audit or some bad financial news hits you, or if some stress at work hits you. Just power through and keep an eye out for opportunities. You might be one of the few who may be able to Capitalize on retrograde Mercury. While this is all going on though, take care of your health and overall well being. Don’t skimp on the dieting and meditation!




Mercury is going to have an extra-intense effect on you, Gemini. Especially when it comes to communication and decision making. Not just professional communication either, conversations and thoughts with and about family, friends, and lovers will really need to be analyzed to make sure your mind is not playing tricks on you. Try not to make any rash decisions, but absolutely take note about what you’re thinking. You may even want to break up with a loved one, or jump into a relationship with someone, or take a love or work relationship to the next level without thinking things through. When it comes to work Mars and Jupiter won’t be helpful in toning down your desire to leap before analyzing. As long as you’re cautious, and careful – like a lion stalking its prey – you’ll be just fine by the time January rolls around.



Sexual Harassment is the talk of the town still, and Cancers will need to watch out this month. Especially those in power. If your mind is telling you you’re the victim of inappropriate behavior at work, document everything and look at it carefully before filing any charges. It is possible the situation was not what you thought it was. If you are in Power, be wary – even something you think is innocent may be used against you eventually. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are all working together to give you the possibility of a lot of romantic fun, but with high risks. Luckily for you this might be an intense month when it comes to work. If you can focus on work and save the romance for either a spouse or “alone time,” you might be able to succeed with this energy. Think about your health as well. If you focus all this energy into working out, don’t overdo it. At the same time, do not use fear as an excuse not to push yourself to improve physically and mentally.



You are going to love the first half of this month, Leo. So much so, you might get overconfident in your abilities by the time the Holidays come around. So try not to bite off more than you can chew. Other than that, enjoy yourself! The Sun lights up your feelings. For some of you, that could mean an awesome love life and a satisfying professional life. For a few of you, you’ll still have fun, but you’ll be in a bit of a manic. That means agression, impatience, and confusion. Especially during Mercury retrograde. No need to fear though, All Leos have the freedom to enjoy the moment and go with the flow this month should they choose.



Mercury and Venus will finally let you relax a bit this month, Virgo. Are you in a relationship? Maybe do a one-on-one vacation. You might benefit Greatly from this. Even if you fight, it will somehow strengthen your relationship. Single? Get to Tinder-swiping. Have fun. Who you meet may actually surprise you! Couples will benefit more this month, however. Single-folk can let themselves have a lot of fun as will benefit from introspective alone time in between encounters. Monastics/celibates will get fantastic insights this month while channeling their erotic energy in meditation. Mercury retrograde will actually benefit your career and finances this month! Usually I recommend that people refrain from doing new business during Mercury retrograde BUT you are free to take some risks this month, Virgo. Not saying you’re guaranteed to succeed in such endeavours, but you do stand a pretty excellent chance – especially considering that others across a negotiation table will be more “mercury confused” than you will be.


Mercury!!! Mercury is going to try to leave you rather confused, and dare I say STUPID, this month. So, makre sure you read everything twice. If someone says something to you, chances are pretty high you will misunderstand them. Even if you think you know exactly what’s going on, you probably don’t. There is some benefit to this, you can take this as an opportunity to SLOW DOWN. Spend as much time alone as possible to think about things (without taking Any of your thoughts or conclusions seriously). This may take a toll on your health. Have you neglected yourself lately? You may have to pay the piper for that neglect this month. You can avoid this by being honest with yourself and getting your act together! You can do it! But again, go introver this month whenever and wherever possible. On the positive side, you do have the ability to succeed at work and career a little this month. Feel free to apply yourself without burning yourself out. Pay attention to your love life, something is afoot.



Wow Scorpio! You are a sexual deity this month!! No need to be conservative this month, show off your skills! You’ll show someone(s) a thing or two and learn a few new tricks yourself. Try not to do it with someone you work with though. You’re awesome this month. Let the world know it! Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will be doing some interesting things for you. You will need to be cautious about details, but once you’ve analyzed variables you can trust your decisions. Money, Career, Health – all benefit from your prowess. You might need to hit the gym more often or do intense yoga in order for all this excitement to not turn into anxiety. There are a few (very few) scorpios, however, that might feel tired or depressed – but that has nothing to do with what is actually going on around you despite what your mind is telling you. Ride it out, don’t believe your Mercury confused thoughts. Trust me, your will actually be rocking almost every situation this month.



Sags! Don’t overdo it this month. Make sure you set aside time for relaxation and introspection. Practice maintaining focus as well. Your comfort zone is going to be challenged, but that is a good thing. Think of it as a growing pain if you don’t like it. That comfort zone is expanding. If you have to make a decision this month, do your best to put it off until January. No matter how much you analyze, you’re not getting all the information. Your view is limitedf and it is important to consistently remind yourself that what you think you’re experiencing is not what is actually going on. It’s all an illusion created by you. Random romantic interests will make you think, try to see a pattern. The conclusion you come to probably won’t be correct, but it is good practice for when you reflect on everything next year. Both Venus and Mercury LOVE you right now. Get used to the attention.



Read up on introversion, Capricorn. If you Are an introvert, give in to that lifestyle. If you are not an introvert, emulate one. For the first half of the month you may get easily frustrated, especially when it comes to romance. It is better to go within instead of trying to arrange the world “outside” of you. No matter how hard you try, you can’t wrest satisfaction from the world through action. Not for very long anyway. If you can finally realize this truth during December, you will emerge like a butterfly cocoon. If you don’t, you could end up like the silkworm whose coccoon becomes the only world it knows and decides to die trapped instead of emerging to the freedom just outside. The thought that you have the ability to DO STUFF and MAKE STUFF HAPPEN and that STUFF will better your life is Your Cocoon. Your actions won’t stop however, you’ll have a busy month – but ask yourself, WHO is busy? WHAT can be considered the results of all this activity? Is all this worth it? You may not like the answer (initially), but I assure you if the truth is something you can accept you will be on your way to a freedom you didn’t know was possible.



You’re in pretty great shape the first part of December, Aquarius. And that is despite it being the holiday season! Beware of this awesomeness though. Do not rest on your laurels, you are at risk of overconfidence. The second half of the month could fall apart, especially in the physical and mental health arenas, if you don’t reel it in a little. Also, during this overconfident phase, don’t force your opinions on others. Your overconfidence may come across as offensive or worse, tyrannical. You’re going to do pretty well this month, though – which is the reason not to let things go to your head. Another downside of feeling confident is believing you can get what you want if you just do what it takes. That’s not as true as your mind is telling you, the planets are using this trick to try to put you into a state of frustration. Don’t fall for it, if you feel frustrated about Anything – laugh it off, it’s a trick for your ego and in part caused by your ego in response to it. It’s a game, no need to take any feelings of frustration seriously even though you’re going to be hyper prone to it this month.



You’ll be in the public eye this December, Pisces. Or at the very least I should say, you have less privacy than you think. Watch out for the sexual harassment bandwagon or worse, the “false victim/liar accusation” bandwagon. Behave yourself. Even though your at risk of being a transgressor, you are at equal risk of having an affair with someone who could be a transgressor. Don’t understimate your lack of privacy. You do not live in underground nor in a vacuum. If things do get complicated with your sex life, Mercury and Venus might actually swoop in to save the day. The good news of all this lack of privacy is your positive actions might get noticed too, especially professionally. You may even come into some more money! If you’ve been lethargic lately, rest assured an energy boost is on its way. If you’ve been already energetic, get your calming techniques ready, you might get manic or aggressive. Either way, remeber to slow down and think before you leap!



Anand Bhatt is a Brahmin educated in vedic astrology. His knowledge of the stars has allowed him to advise celebrities as well as be at the right place at the right time himself. He can be seen walking the red carpet and provides spiritual, astrological and practical advice at https://smarturl.it/empoweryou & https://smarturl.it/redcarpetblog – keep on eye out at your favorite bookstore for Anand’s Achieving Your Dreams by Controlling Your Mind and other titles!

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