Leaping out of my comfort zone! Experiment # 1: speakeasy night!

I love a comfort zone. It usually involves some comfy pj’s, netflix, candles, a hot bath and a quiet home.

I could live and breathe in it for quite a while, until I crave important things like, you know, food, attention and some form of flirtation.

So after complaining about my current lack of adventure one-too-many times, I decided to finally actually do something about it.

Therefore, a challenge has been set dear readers. I will say yes to any random/fun/ridiculous offer or opportunity thrown my way. I plan on doing at least one thing out of my comfort zone a week.

I will blog the highs and lows and hopefully encourage you to take part as well.

So with that in mind, when my friend Deb asked if I would like to go to a speakeasy night with her, my first instinct was to say no.

These nights are designed to make you mingle with different people from many walks of life and work on your small talk and networking.

Small talk with strangers?! No thanks.

However, remembering my vow to jump out of that comfy comfort zone, I said a firm yes and mentally began planning my outfit.

So along I go at 6pm on Tuesday night (6:15pm, I’m working on my lateness). Into a dark, packed warehouse. I’m wearing a tight navy turtleneck, skinny jeans, heeled boots and my hair out, long and very blonde.

The bottom half of me says ‘I’m arty and sophisticated’ the top half of me says ‘I’ve watched Legally Blonde far too many times and think lipgloss is the best invention like ever.’

I’m aware of the appearance I give off, yet zero fucks were given, because 1. I was running late  2. I’m here for the wine and 3. to see Deb and Will – my coupled up friends.

Will is running late and I can’t find Deb anywhere. So through the crowd I sweep, picking up accents and body odour along the way.

‘JANA! I’m over here’ shouts Deb in her fabulously outlandish American accent. She is sitting in one of the podiums talking to a group of well-suited men.

I like men. Especially well suited ones, so with a spring in my step I walk over to them and take my place in the pack.

They introduce themselves and explain they work fairly high up at Ebay.

I love Ebay. I’m in.

One is ridiculously hot and makes great eye contact, yet sadly married so I move on and let him and Deb talk about relationships blah blah blah.

The next guy is not my type physically, but the conversation gets really interesting and I begin to think ‘Would I…??’

As he rushes off to get me a glass of red wine, the lights go down and the first speaker arrives on stage. The premise of the night is 10 speakers get up one-by-one and talk on any topic for 5 minutes.

The only premise is that it must be interesting and come with a deeper meaning.

As someone who struggles to sit still for longer than 10 minutes, I’m not sure what to expect, but have to say it was a freaking delight! The first speaker laments on love and the various ways we can find it.

The second speaker shares his struggle with coming out and whether he is transgender or not.

and so it goes on…

Some of the topics sound boring such as ‘how to watch an eclipse’ or ‘how to peal a banana correctly’ but I promise you they were funny, interesting, insightful and very entertaining. Most with a hidden deeper meaning that left you experiencing an Oprah ‘Ahh haa’ moment.

Would I go again. Yes. Has the challenge to present a talk myself been accepted… absolutely!

So while I may be easing into this whole ‘getting out of my comfort zone’ task… I have to say each week is going to be bigger than the next!

Bring it universe!


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